Our clients

Every year, tens of Pavilion studio develops communication projects. Each project - is the result of team work of strategists, creatives, producers, and customer service. And with each new campaign, which we are implementing, improving the quality of the result.

9 projects
JSC "RAO Energy System of East"

JSC "RAO Energy System of East" – Russian energy holding working in all regions of Far Eastern Federal District. The largest supplier of electricity and heat energy in Far Eastern Federal District.

1 project
"Summa" Group of Companies

"Summa" Group of Companies is a diversified holding company that brings together perspective and dynamically growing assets in port logistics, engineering, construction, telecommunications and oil and gas sectors.

2 projects
Non-profit organization "Fund of East Economic Forum"
2 projects
"RusHydro" Co. JSC

"RusHydro" Group – one of the largest Russian energy Holdings. "RusHydro" is a leader in energy production from renewable sources, developing power generation using water flows, tidal, wind and geothermal energy.

5 projects
"Sollers – Far East" LLC.

"Sollers – Far East" LLC. is the first automobile factory in Primorsky Region.

3 projects
LimoClub Co. Ltd.

LimoClub Co. Ltd. - rent of limousines, retro cars and premium cars.

1 project
Vladivostok Customs

Vladivostok Customs is the largest one in the customs area; it is a part of the Far Eastern Customs Administration.

3 projects
Retail stores "Spektr Tehniki"

Retail stores "Spektr Tehniki" is one of the largest companies, which has retail stores of audio, video, household appliances and electronics within Primorsky Region.

1 project
"Aquadom Trade house" Co., Ltd

"Aquadom Trade house" Co., Ltd - retail stores represented goods in water service area, heating and water treating.