The creation process is a long way where author of idea is going. At stops and intersections producers, writers, directors and cameramen are joining. Find the right path, not to go astray and reach the goals they can together only.

It is the first phase of work. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes years. It is a period of the most unusual and interesting solutions.


There is an opinion that a good idea – it is 50% of success. We think wider. The original way of idea presentation can give it a new view.

Scenario "It’s everything"

The correct scenario does not only solve the tasks set by the Customer, and also can help to give life to all the creative initiatives.

Organization of production

It’s rather difficult task. Distribution of power and resources depends on it and as a result the effective management of finances and time management.


Foundation for future video-product is lays on production phase. Full-scale shooting, studio shooting, combined shooting and computer graphics provide good material for future high quality video.


It is art to pass what is in another world through a screen. Something that the viewer can never see with their own eyes.

2D / 3D visualization

How to show something unreal or fantastic? This computer graphics will help other people to see non-existent or difficult accessible objects.


The final phase of production where typical video-product obtained to a piece of art.


Dynamic or smooth, classic or experimental – there are many methods of connection between the frames. It is important to understand which is useful for the project.

Color correction

Changing light and color palette of the image, we allocate the necessary elements, create mood and atmosphere.

Visual Effects

How to make a bombing without blowing anything? How to "fix" the graphic information to the moving object on the screen? On this phase we are ready to answer these questions.

Sound Design

With proper speaker’s native sounds and other components of the audiotrack, the effect will increase in multiple times.

Finished video-product. Enjoy your watching!